My Happy Clients

I work with my clients every step of the way, take a look at what a few of them have said.

I wanted to apply for a job with the USO in Germany and work overseas as an Entertainment Liaison.  I felt I had the kind of experience they were looking for but this job was outside my current career field.  Peter brought together every piece of relevant experience I had and created a resume that got me the interview, and the job offer.

Danijel Vuijcic

I knew I was well qualified but I sent out my homemade resume all over town and wasn’t getting any response — zero.  Peter interviewed me and pointed out I had a lot of experience that I had not thought to mention.  Peter worked with me to handcraft a unique resume that captured my experience and training.  The very next employer I sent my resume to hired me sight unseen and then scheduled an interview, after I had started the job.  The HR lady explained, “There aren’t that many people with your level of qualifications.”

I was the same, it was Peter’s resume made all the difference.

Robert Leach

By far the best resume that all my potential employers had ever seen. Received such high reviews that I was offered multiple jobs and had the ability to turn some down to get the job that I wanted. Masterful writing ability that no resume scanner will kick out for lack of key words…

Justin Roach

I want to thank Pete for doing such a great job on my Resume.  The resume I had was a military type and was not effective to finding a civilian or contractor job.  He took what I had for information, which was very little, and designed a great Resume for me.  I would highly recommend  Peter if you need your first resume or a remake of your old one.

Gregg Nordwall, SMSGT, USAF

I wanted to thank you personally for your work up on my resume.  I got several hits and by Feb 1 was offered a position as a Meteorologist Technician GS 9 Civil Service job.  In a market where I had no personal network, my resume did the trick.  I was pleased with the work you did spicing it up.

You did a great job and it paid off.

John D.

I want to thank you for the great work you did with my resume. You have really given me many more leads and I am getting contacted constantly from Careerbuilder due to your changes to my resume.

I can’t thank you enough.

Jeremy K.