Maybe you’ve seen the short video that has been viral for several years. It explains what’s been dubbed, “The Domino Effect”. If you haven’t seen the little over a minute clip, here’s the link:

The Domino Effect

Isn’t that what we want in our professions – to be somewhere in that chain reaction where our work is amplified by a factor of 1.5? The right work environment is needed to achieve this. In the longer version of this video, Stephen Morris explains that the reason a domino can make such a large impact relative to its size is because when it’s well placed, it has stored gravitational energy. The domino needs to be lifted up-right against gravity and that is how the energy is stored. That’s a great metaphor for great work environments. These are the places where those around you – above you, below you and beside you—work together to “lift each other up” to build up the positive energy needed to put actions in play for big impact.

Desire a work environment change that fosters the Domino Effect? Want to be somewhere where your contribution can be amplified by a factor of 1.5?

Fact is there are elements of communicating your personal brand that can have Domino Effect potency. A well designed and engineered resume is one element. That “small” element called the LinkedIn profile is another. That “micro” element called the cover letter is the third. When these are designed and engineered together, they “fall into place” with coordination and amplify the impact. Each one “stores up” the energy of your professional accomplishments and potential and directs the “weight” of these assets toward establishing your brand and telling your story.

Is your resume, LinkedIn profile and cover letter Domino Effect-readied? Rez-Builder can perfect the design and engineering of those essential elements to get you placed in a Domino Effect professional position.

Contact us as the first nudge of a chain reaction that will yield surprising results.